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Will These New "Cry It Out" Method Revelations Convince Most Parents?

New Research Shows That "Cry It Out" Method Does Not Harm Babies

Where children are concerned, we always get sparks of joy when there is good news! points to research showing that toddlers do not suffer any emotional, behavioural or parental attachment problems if they are allowed to cry themselves to sleep.  The results from research conducted at Finders University in Adelaide, Australia,  mean that parents can relax a bit more knowing that ignoring their babies' cries is safe. Or, is it?

Nothing in the research shows that all baby cries should be ignored. Parents will still expect to show a high proportion of baby-care diligence. For instance, a baby still needs to be loved, cared for, helped, and soothed irrespective to whether the "Cry It Out" method is adopted.

Whilst the joy that a new baby brings to parents cannot be overstated, it is fair to say many sleepless nights for some moms and dads are a major downside. This more so because a "crying baby" was always perceived to be a trigger that the child needs attention or a sign of eminent danger that something is wrong.

Exciting as the results from this research are, they do contradict findings from other studies that show "Cry It Out" baby method can cause long-term harm. CBS New York highlights some of these divisions among pediatricians. There are some additional psychological issues that need to be resolved also. For instance, some parents would quite rightly argue that attending to the needs of a baby that cries shows care about his/her feelings. Other moms and dads dispute this view. They claim that running over to a baby every time it cries develops a potentially unhealthy attachment that can affect the extent to which that child grows up into an independent adult.

In conclusion, these new "Cry It Out" Method research findings do go some way to dispel the fear in many parents that babies are harmed if left unattended when they cry. However, many parents are still unconvinced that ignoring the cries from their baby is neither a loving or caring thing to do, and will ultimately lead to harmful emotional and behavioural effects on that child. Many pediatricians are in this camp too.

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