Superbug Resist Medical Treatment

Superbug Strikes Health Fear in USA

When the Colistin defence fails, there is real reason to fear the potential devastating impact of the most antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This seems to be the case with the deadly strain of E. Coli bacteria which has been identified in the US.

A 49-year female patient receiving treatment at a US Military facility was tested positive for a bacteria infection that is resistant to Colistin. The news is serious enough to draw an urgent rallying call from British Prime Minister David Cameron for the need of leading G7 countries to develop new medicines. This means incentivizing drug companies for such research and development.

Many sources quite rightly identify the importance of antibiotics to treat infections, but also blame their overuse, especially in factory farms, as the primary reason for becoming so ineffective in treatments. New strains of bacteria simple evolve as they are able to adapt to common versions of the drugs. This problem is very indicative in the USA since over 80% of antibiotics there are used in livestock and poultry. The US Congress is very likely to have a rethink on this issue legislatively.

The problem is exacerbated further even when last the line of defence such as Colistin works. Colistin can have nasty side effects. The drug has been known to damage patient's kidneys. Therefore, medical practitioners will only accept that risk as a last resort.

Sources and Related Stories

Deadly Superbug Arrives in US, Report Says - Fox News

According to Fox News, a deadly superbug has now invaded the USA.  It is a strain of  the lethal E. Coli. A urinary tract sample in Pennsylvania shows this harmful bacteria is resistant the Antibiotic Colistin.

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G7 told to act on antibiotics as dreaded Superbug hits US - Reuters

G7 told to act on antibiotics as dreaded superbug hits US. Scientists said the infection in a 49-year-old Pennsylvania woman "heralds the emergence of truly pan-drug resistant bacteria" because it could not be controlled even by colisitin - the best current defensive cover for any superbug.

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New Superbug Found in the US - Food and Water Watch

New Superbug Found in the US. Today, scientists announced the presence of a new superbug in both a human patient and a pig in the United States. The new superbug is a strain of E. coli that is resistant to colistin.

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Study: Different resistant E coli strains can cross-protect - CIDRAP

Different resistant E coli strains can cross-protect. Two strains of bacteria resistant to different antibiotics can protect each other in an environment where both drugs are present, according to an experimental study.

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