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Is Work-life Balance Easier Said Than Done?

With good reasons, striking an appropriate balance between work-life use to be seen as an impossible task.


Nine Tips To Clubber Stress

Stress is a vicious drain if allowed to dominate. Are you feeling overwhelmed by it?


How To Introduce a Presentation To Win An Audience

First impression counts! And, this cliché certainly matters when making a presentation to an important audience.


5 Smarter Ways To Exploit The Value of Time

Time is the most valuable asset that any person can spend.


10 Great Pointers for Having Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is about mental calmness free of anxieties, worries or stress. But how can it be maintained?


Flair Radio Tips of The Day

Flair Radio Tips of The Day

Tips of the Day on Flair Radio consist of short hourly broadcasts and, in most cases, posted articles about topical issues that can help you tackle daily challenges in your life as well as helping you achieve personal goals. More important to us is to share such content knowing that it can help every person that uses it in a good way. All that we ask in return is that if you are helped by the tips we broadcast or published then please share it with family, friends, and colleagues.

Get FREE Tips of The Day With A Personal Focus

There is no specific limit to the type of topics addressed under our Tips of The Day blog section. The focus, however, is on providing self-help information. To this end, the contents covered are produced to address three critical areas that matter to individuals:

1. Knowledge
2. Skills
3. Tools

Another way of looking at this is that relevant knowledge facilitates an understanding of how to deal with certain Business, Career, Diet, Education, Employment, Fitness, Health, Information Technology, Management, Nutrition, Personal Development, and Spiritual issues. Skills empower you to apply this knowledge effectively. Tools enable you to use, rinse, and re-use your skills to harness your acquired knowledge into personal benefits that will help to enrich your life optimally.

How Do These All Connect Together?

As mentioned earlier, the primary drive of Flair Radio’s Tips of The Day is to inspire individuals to achieve personal goals. For instance, dealing with stress, or striking the right work-life balance is a specific topical issue, and merits specific attention. Nevertheless, let’s take a closer look at the two topical examples above. First, stress can be a direct result of poor work-life balance. Second, the flip side is true also.

Inspired Sources for Flair Radio

Flair Radio Tips of The Day are based primarily on research done on case studies, scenarios, and individual cases from a wide cross-section of people. In some instances, we may curate information from exceptional sources that we feel will add further value to our users.

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