The Tribute Music Show On Flair Radio Listen To Flair Radio Variety Music and Tips of The Day


“There are many Internet Radio Stations out there today. Many have excellent specialist music. Others have a good variety mix that makes them interesting to listen too. However, what makes Flair Radio so different is that I can listen to a wide variety of great music, but equally the station offers some excellent informative tips that listeners can apply beneficially to their own lives regarding difficult daily challenges. Thank you for being so enjoyable, relaxing and informative Flair Radio!”


London, UK

“The Pauses for Thought are brilliant! They are short, great, and inspirational. They really help me to reflect on my own life and often put things in their correct perspective. Thank you Flair Radio!”


London, UK

“I like the fact that this station really seems to help its listeners deal with difficult day-to-day issues with very sensible tips that can be put into practice easily.”


California, USA

Good variety of music. I particularly love the Soca Jamboree Show that is streamed all night long every Friday – great stuff!”


Portsmouth, UK

“Sundays are my favourite with great oldies and easy listening music all day long – very relaxing indeed! I love it!”


Birmingham, UK

Lovely Classical Music at the right time of day that truly helps me unwind! The ‘Tips of the Day’ and ‘Pauses for Thoughts’ also make me realise that things are not as bad as they seem. Just try and make the best of life!


Brighton, UK

“I came by this station accidently and find myself tuning in more frequently. Generally good and entertaining content! Keep it up Flair Radio!”


Berlin, Germany

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